International Members

Prof. Sara E. Skrabalak
Editor-in-Chief, Chemistry of Materials and ACS Materials Letters
Indiana University

Prof. Cathleen Crudden
Editor-in-Chief, ACS Catalysis
Queen's University

Prof. Laura Kiessling
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Kirk Schanze
Editor-in-Chief, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
University of Texas, San Antonio

Prof. Christopher W. Jones
Editor-in-Chief, JACS Au
Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. Phillip E. Savage
Editor-in-Chief, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Pennsylvania State University

National Members

Prof. Vijayamohanan K Pillai
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Dr. Manoj Prasad
National Institute of Plant Genome Research
New Delhi

Prof. Aswini Ghosh
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Prof. Kamal K Pant
Indian institute of Technology Delhi
New Delhi

Prof. Talat Ahmad
University of Kashmir


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