The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology in collaboration with American Chemical Society (ACS) is organizing an ‘online research poster competition’ (“the Event”) for ongoing National Postdoctoral Fellow (NPDF) projects.

It provides the unique opportunity to National Postdoctoral Fellows to:

  1. Showcase the scientific knowledge gained in this program
  2. Make a comparative analysis of research work undertaken in this fellowship
  3. Acknowledge the merit of the successfully implemented projects

Guidelines for preparation and submission of posters

  1. Strictly adhere the format and subtitles given in the model (Please click here to download the Poster Format).
  2. All texts should be in Arial font 12 size, except headings (Arial font, 14 size and bold, to make it visually distinguish and clear).
  3. Poster can be developed in ppt (any size) without exceeding the file size of 10 MB, however, it should be submitted as PDF format only.
  4. The poster should not carry the identity of the fellow (Eg. name / mentor name / institute address) will carry only the SERB file number.
  5. The final PDF file is to be saved by using SERB file number (Eg. PDF_2015_000123).
  6. Any violations will disqualify the candidate from the competition.
  7. In cases animal or human ethical / biosafety / wildlife etc. clearances obtained for the project, the reference number of respective clearances must be invariably mentioned in the methods section.
  8. Any published papers emanated out this project can only be given under reference section.

Frequently asked questions

The registration details can only be entered once. Also, the SERB file number, once used, cannot be re-used to make another account through a different email ID. The participants are requested to take utmost care while providing the necessary information on the online portal.

Once the poster is uploaded, there is no provision to re-load or replace the poster. Under no circumstances will we be able to cater to such requests.

It is mandatory (without exceptions) to follow the guidelines mentioned above while preparing/submitting posters.

If the details provided by you were incorrect, we would not consider any request to change them. In other cases, please write to with a copy of the downloaded certificate.

If the deadline for uploading the poster has passed, no further submission will be accepted. In other cases, please write to with the screenshot of the error well ahead of the deadline. The website team will need at least two business days to address your queries.

Please make sure all the details entered are in the proper format. For example: Phone number should be 10 digit without 0 or +91 or hyphen. If the problem persists, you can write to with the screenshot of the error stating the issue. The same solution applies to any login-related issues as well.


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