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ACS Author Lab

ACS Author Lab is an online training course designed to help authors prepare and submit strong manuscripts, speeding up the publication process. The course gives authors an in-depth look at everything they need to know in order to submit a manuscript for publication, with invaluable information for authors at any point in their careers.

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ACS in India

Discover resources, programs and initiatives

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ChemRxiv TM is the open preprint server for the global chemistry community. Authors have the opportunity to put their research immediately out on the web and share it with scientists and colleagues prior to formal peer review. ChemRxiv is openly accessible, with no subscription fees for readers and no submission charges for authors.

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ACS Institute

The ACS Institute is a learning platform offering a robust collection of learning and training resources to advance the chemistry community. These learnings assets have been organized into seven ACS Centers for ease of discovery.

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ACS Reviewer Lab

ACS Reviewer Lab is a free online training course to help researchers master the fundamentals of scholarly peer review, developed by ACS Editors, leading chemistry researchers, and ACS Publications staff. The course is comprised of six modules, each with quizzes, videos, and downloadable summaries, and should take between 2 – 4 hours to complete.

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ACS Authoring Services

ACS Authoring Services is dedicated to helping researchers improve and polish their manuscript to increase the likelihood of being published. At ACS, we know how important it is for researchers to publish their work more quickly so they can get back to what matters most: the science. Our services are crafted with that goal in mind.

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C&EN is published by the American Chemical Society and is the world's most comprehensive and authoritative news source about chemistry and related fields. Our journalists are based in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, and track important research advances, business and policy trends, chemical safety practices, career guidance, and more. Visit for our breaking-news coverage and award-winning features, where you can also learn more about becoming an ACS member to receive our weekly C&EN magazine, podcasts, email newsletters, and other reader benefits.

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ACS Axial

ACS Axial is the official blog of ACS Publications. It features daily updates and offers news, interviews, career advice, and collections of the most significant chemistry research today. It's an easy way for you to connect with what ACS is doing, and learn how to take your research to the next level.

The blog offers a free monthly newsletter. Subscribe now, and you'll stay up to date on all the latest developments in scientific publishing and get access to career resources you can't get anywhere else. Plus, you'll get access to an exclusive list of the most-read articles for every journal.

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ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication

The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication provides students, researchers, educators, and librarians with everything they need to master the art of scholarly communication. The Guide covers all instructions provided by a traditional style guide - completely updated and modernized - as well as a wealth of guidance covering emerging topics including preprints, Open Access, machine-readable data, and much more.

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Join the ACS

The American Chemical Society provides members access to a global scientific network of over 150,000 chemistry professionals in more than 140 countries to network, innovate, and collaborate. Join ACS and get access hundreds of the most relevant, and trusted scientific resources in world.

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ACS Publishing Center

ACS Publishing Center is a centralized hub for authors and reviewers to prepare and track their submitted manuscripts. The platform combines the in-depth publishing and reviewing information provided by the ACS Author & Reviewer Resource Center with customized article metrics, along with new features to help the ACS community of authors and reviewers advance scientific excellence.

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ACS Reviewer Credit

At ACS Publications, we recognize the importance of high-quality peer review; the commitment and expertise of our reviewers helps to make our journals the most trusted, most cited, and most read. Reviewers of manuscripts submitted to ACS journals can now claim credit for their hard work and contributions through a collaboration with ORCID. Reviewers will receive one credit on their ORCID account for all review activity associated with each manuscript reviewed for a given journal.

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